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PVLALG Spotlight
Learn more about members of our community in this monthly spotlight. Want to be featured? Let us know!

Laptop Writing

Hear from our Students: 

PVLALG recently received letters from current students:

"I'm writing this Gmail to thank you for everything that you are doing for us people that want to learn English. This time has been great for me because I can see the difference how I was with my English level and I am now. My English is getting better every day, Mrs. Kleban and Carol have been  great teachers for me!" 

"I've just gotten home from my final session with Susan. Over the past several months, I've discovered a great deal about technical writings. I learned how to write with a target audience in mind, how to transition between sentences and paragraphs, how to write in an active voice and be more concise...and so much more. 

Susan is an extraordinary mentor whom I admire deeply. With her help, I was able to gain the skills and confidence for a career change. I am grateful for Susan and the adult literacy program of Yavapai county. Please accept my great appreciation for you and your volunteer mentors."

We love to hear how our students and tutors are working together toward their literacy goals!

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