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PVLALG Spotlight
Learn more about members of our community in this monthly spotlight. Want to be featured? Let us know!

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Meet the Director: Rita Bosley

Rita is the Director of the Prescott Valley Library Adult Literacy Group. In her leadership with PVLALG, she promotes the power of language to unlock new opportunities and champions literacy education in our community. 

Rita initially became involved with PVLALG seven years ago because she believes watching someone's language skills grow is as rewarding as it gets. "I just like helping people," Rita shared, "I love to be able to help them speak English better and perform better in their new country."

Rita's dedication to her cause goes far beyond the call of duty. She tirelessly invests her time and energy in guiding others towards their goals. One of her favorite parts of her involvement in PVLALG is "meeting new people and seeing the smiles on their faces when we can help them." Rita explained further, "It's very fulfilling to see someone learn English and progress, including getting a job." 

Outside of her role as a literacy advocate, Rita enjoys volunteering, music, gardening, and reading. Her favorite book is the mystery novel Prague Sonata by Bradford Morrow, in part because she once lived in Prague. Under her leadership, PVLALG strives to enrich lives in our community through the gift of literacy.  

Interested in getting involved with PVLALG? Reach out to Rita at to learn more about opportunities to learn or tutor!

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